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Are you stressed out because you have to return to the office?

Are you stressed out because you have to return to the office?

Are you stressed out because you have to return to the office?

Read our advice on how to survive the initial days of working onsite. The long time spent out of the office may cause some people stress and mental discomfort. Our article shows what you can do to make the first days of hybrid or onsite work easier, which is very important as numerous businesses are considering restricting home offices after the summer.

What has your company prepared for your return to the office?

First of all, you need to find out how your company will be working onsite. Employers will likely want to introduce a sanitary regime to reduce the possibility of having entire teams getting Covid-19, which is why you need to check the following:

  • Are all employees required to be vaccinated against Covid-19?
  • What special safety procedures will the company introduce?
  • Will there be any restrictions in scope of moving around the location?
  • Will any common space like the bistro or kitchens be off limits to employees?
  • Will there be a head count limit in conference rooms?
  • Will rooms be subject to regular disinfection?
  • Will the company provide safety measures like masks, gloves, or hand disinfectants?
  • Will open space be restricted in any way or secured from excess contacts?

If you are a building manager or administrator, you should conduct a brief survey among your employees or tenants. Don’t use closed-ended questions, let them decide how they want to work. They are the ones who should feel good at work. You can use the following questions in the survey:

  • Do you have any concerns in scope of returning to the office?
  • How many days in a month do you want to work at the office?
  • What safety measures do you believe the company should implement?
  • What will make it easier for you to return to the office?
  • What instruments should be implemented to make onsite work easier?

Tech support

Innovative instruments come on handy in planning of onsite work in the post-pandemic reality. We present two applications to help us manage our desks, conference rooms, and parking spaces even more efficiently and make it easier to return to the office.

Desk reservation

Whirla is a Polish office management system supporting hybrid work and helping reduce property maintenance costs. The system applies human detection sensors equipped with NFC tags and QR codes and offers a mobile app for employees, who can use it to check for desk availability, choose the place where they want to work, and reserve it for a specific time. Thanks to Whirla, business managers get statistics and reports, which will help them make decisions in scope of office space use.

Parking space reservation

ParkCash is a dedicated corporate parking space management app, which can increase parking space availability by 40%. When a corporate parking lot is managed efficiently, more people can use it. We activate automated parking right after implementation of the technology developed by ParkCash.

More and more companies are introducing micropayments (rotation parking with spaces not assigned to specific individuals) and monthly subscriptions (permanently assigned parking spaces) for their employees.

This system makes it easier to solve problems such as who should have a parking space assigned and who shouldn’t. The company proposes a free trade corporate parking rule. These are not the only benefits resulting from cooperation with ParkCash. All payments are cleared with the office tenant in a single invoice to simplify bookkeeping and take a load off the accounting department. The technology offered by ParkCash introduces automated parking to the company and redefines the cost policy for parking space rental.

If you believe that your company could benefit from such a solution, share this article with your boss. Maybe your workplace will also be able to improve the parking system to make it easier for everyone to return. Let’s change your office together!


Zachariasz Woszczek
Coordinator of the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Cracow University of Economics. President of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science Club. Obtained professional experience in the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development and Arcadis consulting company. Participated in 10 national and international science conferences. Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics.

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