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How do you rejuvenate your office building with little funds?

How do you rejuvenate your office building with little funds?

How do you rejuvenate your office building with little funds?

Trade press regularly reports decisions to renovate a lobby in some office building, for different reasons. The visual effect is definitely important for new tenants, because the lobby is the first place we enter and the eyes buy what they see. Besides, painting the lobby is probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to renovate a building, especially one several years old. But is this the right path to take? We have over 7.7 million square metres of office space older than 5 years1 and are fully aware that painting the lobby alone will do nothing to change the situation.

Painting the lobby or newest technologies?

On the other hand, we have proptech, i.e. technologies supporting the real estate market for purposes of efficient building management: HVEC analyses, flexible rent management, building occupancy management, access control management, common space management, and mobile apps supporting the aforementioned. Numerous start-ups are trying to attract the attention of commercial property owners and administrators. According to the Dealroom start-up data aggregator, Polish proptech is currently experiencing a boom. Back in 2018, start-ups in this field were valued at approx. EUR 8 million. Just one year later, their value exceeded 55 million. In 2021, Polish proptech is growing even more dynamically.

fot. Dealroom

A simple choice: renovating the building or an immediate evolution?

Let’s compare what we do and the technology we provide with the costs of painting a lobby and the end result for tenants.

In the age of working in a hybrid model, office use is undergoing a global revolution. It seems that some companies will make shift or hybrid work a permanent part of accepted working methods. This means that we require changes in access to office infrastructure: entrance reservation, head counts, reservation of conference rooms, desks, or parking spaces. We and our partners provide extensive solutions for this very purpose. According to the feedback from our clients, I am certain that being able to provide parking space access to every employee who comes to the office – without dividing people into managers (only executives had their own parking spaces before the pandemic) and others is a very positive change, which businesses appreciate much more than a cost-comparable painted lobby.

We need to remember that freshly painted walls make an impression for only the first few weeks while freedom in the office and in the parking lot is the new normal. But freedom needs limits as well to keep away chaos, so let’s open ourselves to innovations, which will introduce the new normal while keeping everything safe.

1. https://linkleaders.prowly.com/88777-liderzy-polskiego-rynku-nieruchomosci-zakladaja-proptech-foundation-ktorej-celem-jest-sprawna-transformacja-cyfrowa-branzy


Piotr Nizio
Parkcash CEO
Social activist and entrepreneur. Enthusiast of new technologies improving life in the big city. Co-founder of the ParkCash start-up. Specialises in marketing and building sales channels. Was socially involved in the projects of the WIOSNA Association. Enthusiast of change, team building, and supporting people in their development. Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics, Chartered Institute of Marketing, and Family Theology Academy.

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