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Ninety percent of businesses want changes in parking management methods – 2021 mini report.

Ninety percent of businesses want changes in parking management methods – 2021 mini report.

Ninety percent of businesses want changes in parking management methods – 2021 mini report.

ParkCash is a parking platform providing parking space sharing apps, dynamic access management, and occupancy monitoring in real time.

By implementing parking space sharing, parking availability can be raised by 40% with ease.

Why should you take advantage of our help?

The best answer is provided in our mini report on Polish businesses preparing for their employees to return to the office.

90% of the surveyed companies declare the need for changes in parking management methods, but only 10% have implemented solutions supporting parking space reservation and less than 2% can manage parking access and load levels in real time.

Analysis of parking space potential

According to our surveys, when parking access is made more flexible, 40% more vehicles can park in the parking lot in question. This means that we will register 800 more parked cars monthly in a lot with 100 spaces and 9600 more parked cars over the year – assuming that the people with permanent parking spaces will now work in the office for three days a week.

Nothing yet, but the problem is just around the corner

Most office centres are currently empty and companies are reporting that there is only 10% of the people working in them when compared to before the pandemic. However, this situation will soon change. People have been cured from the disease, we keep getting vaccinated, and the perspective of returning to the office is becoming more and more likely.

But we still need to figure out how to find our place in the new reality.

In the past two years, the number of people working remotely has undergone a considerable transformation, from 20% in 2019 to over 90% in 2020. Respondents claim that 40% of employees will continue to work remotely when the pandemic is over, 20% of which will do so on a permanent basis.

Important fact: almost 100% of the respondents want their workplaces to be more flexible.

Reported problems:

  • No tools to monitor parking capacity in real time. The current Access Control systems fail to provide such a function and generate reports at the end of the month.
  • No dynamic parking access authorisation tools. If everyone gets access for a long time, it will make flexible management impossible, create chaos, and raise the stress level in the organisation.
  • Most businesses have no idea how to cope with the new situation, as there are no proven models of solutions and making changes.

Every pandemic must come to an end and that’s when we need to find a place for ourselves in the new reality.

The presented problems will be experienced – to a certain degree – by almost all businesses. Are corporate managers ready to recognise and resolve them? ParkCash has provided its insights and experience to several businesses open to change and administers over 3000 parking spaces.


Piotr Panek
Partner Handlowy
w Parkcash
Graduate of the Cracow University of Technology with major in Architecture and Urban Planning, holder of MBA degree from the Lazarski University. I was in charge of a company providing designing support to commercial chains in scope of expansion in PL and the CEE region for 10 years.

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