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2021 commercial parking – results of the most recent ParkCash mini report.

2021 commercial parking – results of the most recent ParkCash mini report.

2021 commercial parking – results of the most recent ParkCash mini report.

ParkCash provides remote parking management software and online parking subscriptions, and hourly parking involving a mobile app.

ParkCash’s main goal is to simplify the payment process, automate entrances and exits, and – consequentially – reduce the operating costs in the parking business..

According to our customers, their cooperation with ParkCash helped them reduce their business management costs by over 40%!

Why should you take advantage of our help?

The best answer in our brief report on the costs incurred by commercial parking lot owners. Let’s take a look at the initial data:

  • 70% of parking managers or owners declare that their lot is fully serviced by staff.
  • 80% of this group claim that the staff generates the highest monthly management costs.
  • Over 50% is considering or has considered replacing the staff with an automatic system to reduce costs.

What does this mean in reality? One of our clients – Mr Ludomir from Lublin, who has a parking lot for a little over 100 cars – has declared that his monthly profits rose by over PLN 8 000 thanks to staff reduction and cooperation with ParkCash. How is it possible? Here is his story.

Cash transactions are like a handbrake for development

According to a survey conducted among our customers, cash transactions are no longer the best solution in commercial parking management.

Why is this the case?

Only just over 40% of the surveyed owners declare full control of cash flow at the lot. Almost 40% of the respondents said that they support cash payment only, which makes the parking lot less attractive as Poles have clearly turned towards mobile payments in recent years.

According to Business Insider, the share of cash-free payments in Poland will be 60% by the end of 2025 and 80% by 2030.

And this is not the only argument in favour of introducing electronic payments. There are at least seven of them and we covered them in our blog.

And we must note that entrepreneurs who accept only cash payments must be ready for more visits from the National Tax Administration, which is planning to go after the grey market in the near future.

What about you? Transform your business, grow it, and give your clients the comfort and safety they deserve. Give them ParkCash!


Patryk Kozioł
Business Development
Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics, majored in Accounting and Controlling. He has been a part of the start-up community in Kraków for years. Obtained experience by working for the Kraków Miastem Startupów foundation and being active in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science Club of the Cracow University of Economics. Enthusiast of new technologies and innovations improving life in the city.

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