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New challenges: COVID 2019"

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, unused spaces and no digitalisation and automation of private parking lots are further challenges for managers of office and commercial parking spaces. Just look at these facts:


number of employees who can work remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic


number of private parking lots offering online subscription and mobile payments


of office space occupied by less than 11 employees


of commercial parking lot owners with a remote control system

This situation is why only 40% of parking spaces are currently used in an efficient manner, while the remaining 60% generate unnecessary costs. Furthermore, over 70% of commercial parking lots are at risk of reduced business in the event of escalation of pandemic restrictions.

In the age of the pandemic and social distancing, ParkCash has the tools to not only help you manage your parking lot the right way, but also to ensure that you, your clients, and the people working and living in the area remain safe.

A Mobile Remote for gates and barriers in your phone for your use only.

Quick and safe mobile payments, which you can make from your phone.

Change things today!

Meet the innovative, convenient, and flexible parking space management system, which will let you maintain top efficiency of every parking space.

Corporate space

Employees get an extra benefit and the office parking lot earns its keep. Sounds good? See how ParkCash can help you put the space you manage to better use.

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Residential districts

Take better advantage of the space
with your housing cooperative. ParkCash offers new opportunities for neighbourhood residents, who can share their parking spaces and use the spaces shared by other members for a payment or free of charge.

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Commercial parking

Meet a solution, which will help you optimise the parking you manage with ease! Earn more with ParkCash.

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