Meet the ParkCash platform

We believe that modern technologies and breakthrough ideas are able to manage many challenges of our civilisation. Thanks to this attitude, we developed the ParkCash platform, which combines advanced technology and the culture of sharing, giving us a transparent and reliable system.

Frankly: we liberate parking spaces to help both drivers and parking lot owners

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Take control of parking chaos

Do you manage parking spaces, which are being used inefficiently?

Join ParkCash and reap benefits for yourself, employees, and local communities.

There are 10-15 parking spaces per 100 office workers on average

30% of traffic in the inner city is generated by drivers looking for a place to park their car

Each day, drivers waste 8-15 minutes of their time on looking for a parking space

Our solution

Web management panel

A web-based administration panel controlled from the web browser of your choice, which lets you manage spaces, entrance points, and settlements in a convenient and transparent manner.

Mobile remote control

The mobile remote control is used from the dedicated ParkCash mobile app and makes access even easier for the user.

Mobile app

Mobile app supported by all smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems. Provides for convenient management of the accessed parking space or lets you rent one out for yourself.

See the offer adapted to your company

Do you feel like your parking space is wasting away empty when it could be making money? No matter how many such spaces you have, ParkCash is the right solution for you.

Office space

Employees get an extra benefit and the office parking lot earns its keep. Sounds good? See how ParkCash can help you put the space you manage to better use.

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Housing cooperatives

Put the space to better use together with your housing cooperative. ParkCash offers new opportunities for neighbourhood residents, who can share their parking spaces for a fee and free of charge and use the spaces made available by other members of the cooperative.

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Commercial parking lots

Meet the solution, which will help you optimise the parking lot you manage in an easy way. Increase your revenues thanks to ParkCash.

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Are you a private individual and want to start making money from your parking space when you are not using it?

ParkCash is also for you!

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