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ParkCash is a repeatedly acclaimed Polish parking platform, which provides parking space sharing applications

Thanks to ParkCash:

  • you will take advantage of your parking lot or space in 110%
  • you will share your parking space
  • you can use the Mobile Remote
  • you can manage parking spaces optimally
  • you will sell subscriptions
  • you can monitor parking usage in real time
  • you can issue collective invoices
  • and more.

You can take control of parking chaos

Are you managing parking spaces, which are being used inefficiently?

Join ParkCash and start reaping benefits for yourself, your employees, and local communities.

On average, there are
only 10-15 parking spaces per 100
office workers

30% of inner city traffic is generated by drivers, who are looking for a place to park their car

The average driver spends 8–15 minutes every day on finding a vacant parking space

Our solution

Web control panel

Web administration panel supported by all internet browsers for convenient and transparent management of parking spaces, access control, and billing.

Mobile Remote

The Mobile Remote, which is used through the dedicated ParkCash mobile app, makes opening barriers without physical remote not only possible but also extremely easy.

Mobile app

The mobile app supported by all Android or iOS smartphones. It helps you manage the shared parking space or rent one out for yourself.

See the offer tailored to your company

Are you under the impression that your parking space is wasting away when it’s vacant and could be
earning? No matter how many such spaces you have, ParkCash is the solution for you.

Office space

Your employees gain an extra benefit and your office parking lot earns its keep. Sounds good? See how ParkCash can help you take better advantage of the space you manage.

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Residential districts

Take better advantage of the space
with your housing cooperative. ParkCash offers new opportunities for neighbourhood residents, who can share their parking spaces and use the spaces shared by other members for a payment or free of charge.

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Commercial parking

Meet a solution, which will help you optimise the parking you manage with ease! Earn more with ParkCash.

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Are you an individual who wants to earn from your parking space, when
you are not using it?"

ParkCash is also for you!

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