Partner Plan

Are you interested in the concept of sharing and the opportunities provided by ParkCash? Do you want to join an attractive partner plan, which lets our partners earn from reselling subscriptions to their clients?

Now it can be done! All you have to do is contact us and join ParkCash.

About the plan

Are you interested in our White Label" products?"

We also do this:

we arrange the terms of our cooperation together and organise a product customised to your needs – branded with your logo.

That’s not all.

The partner plan can also integrate ParkCash with third party mobile apps and systems. As an open form, the ParkCash API allows for full integration with access control systems, Smart Home systems, license plate recognition cameras, HR systems, and payment systems.

ParkCash provides customised services:

mobile apps
mobile payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay
mobile access control
online subscription resale systems
integration of IT solutions in cloud

Start parking today!

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