Our company electricity bills have gone up by a few hundred percent. This is the reality we have been dealing with for the last few months. The car park generates some of those costs so it is important that it is used efficiently. We have to bear in mind that the lion’s share of these expenditures goes towards paying for electricity used to illuminate the underground car park. Ventilation of the underground car park also adds to the burden.

More efficient

Before the pandemic, parking spaces were allocated to selected individuals. Usually these were managers. Today spaces permanently allocated to given individuals seem like a waste. If a manager is working from home for, say, two days in a week, their parking space remains empty. That is why we suggest an app which can be used to reserve parking spaces in the office building before arriving to work.

Management panel

Intelligent car park space management systems monitor the occupancy of individual parking spaces in real-time. Using this information, a property manager will know which parts of the car park are used less. Then, if need be, a decision can be made to reduce the available car park space.

Empty parking spaces can generate revenue

Employees are not in the office in the evenings or at weekends. Thus, it could be a good idea to make these parking spaces available to third-party customers. These drivers could use the car park on pre-defined days and times. A mobile app would take care of the payments. There is also an option for customers to purchase monthly car park passes. Access to the car park is straightforward as customers use a mobile app to operate barriers.


Cost saving solutions will help during the high energy consumption season. The ParkCash system is a cost-saving car park management tool.