Case study - NORDEA

The case study

The ParkCash system at NORDEA BANK


How was the NORDEA car park adapted to a hybrid work model?

The bank’s office buildings are located in three different Polish cities. The management decided to implement a uniform parking space sharing system to bring all offices into line with the requirements of hybrid work. This meant that ParkCash solved a number of problems. The different barrier and gate access control systems in the car parks of each of the customer’s office buildings part of this project presented a challenge.  

Furthermore, reporting parking space use in a rotational model (no permanently assigned spaces) was an important aspect for the customer. ParkCash software calculates the value of a parking space which an employee used for several hours or days. For example, if an employee with a permanently assigned parking space enjoyed a benefit worth 300 zł, tax was calculated on this amount. On the other hand, if an employee used a car park space 5 times in a month, our system calculates the proportional taxable value of the benefit. This means less work for HR/accounting departments. 



Adapt car parks to a hybrid work model

Adapt car parks to a hybrid work model

New parking space reservation system had to be tailored to cope with a hybrid work model.

Upgrade a traditional car park system

Upgrade a traditional car park system

We provide a uniform barrier opening system at all customer sites, integrated with various access control systems.


What changed since we started working together

an opportunity to reserve spaces for a day compatible with a hybrid work model

no more car park cards

access to a car park only with a valid reservation

barriers operated using the Mobile Remote

monthly reports on the value of the car park benefit


Hybrid work meant that the car park was no longer used in its full capacity. We needed to change something as our employees’ habits changed due to the pandemic. And this is where a ParkCash solution came into its own.  

Marek, Office Manager

Customer Details




parking spaces




See the real impact that can be made by green office buildings that care about the environment

Employees don't waste time looking for a place to park

Less traffic jams near the site

Less pollution

“I don't have a reservation, I will cycle to work”

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