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I was charged more than once by the app for reservation – how do I get a refund?


If you have been charged more than once, the money should be returned to you automatically within 7 working days. If you have not received a refund within that time please contact us on with details of the incident. 

Why has a parking space not been reserved even though my account has been debited?


Sometimes it takes up to a few minutes for the payment system to receive confirmation from the user’s bank that a payment has been made. We therefore ask for patience when making payments. Your parking space will be reserved once payment has been confirmed. If our system does not receive a response from your bank, your booking will be canceled and your money will be refunded. 

I have cancelled my reservation. When will I receive a refund?


Please read the refunds policy in the car park terms of use. If the car park has a refund policy, then your case should be dealt with within 7 days of the cancellation date. In exceptional cases the refund may take up to 30 days. If you have not received a refund within that time please contact us on with details of the incident. 

How can I get an invoice for using the car park?


If the system has a facility to automatically generate an invoice, please select the appropriate option before confirming your purchase. Otherwise contact the car park operator. 

Opening barriers

My Mobile Remote does not work – what should I do?


If the opening of the barriers in the building is supported by the ParkCash Mobile Remote Controllers, please check whether the phone has access to the Internet, ParkCash App can use GPS/location, ParkCash App has permission to use Bluetooth, Bluetooth is ON and please drive close proximity to the reader at the entrance/exit. If QR code readers are available in your car park, please scan in the reader the QR code available in the booking. If the entry is for an LPR (number plate recognition) camera, please maintain/clean your vehicle registration.

How many times can I enter and exit a car park during the time for which I have a reservation?


You may enter and exit a car park as many times as you wish during the time for which you have a reservation.

Where will I find the button for opening barriers in the app?


Buttons for opening barriers are in the My Remotes section or in reservation details. Some buttons will work for several sets of barriers (e.g., if there are a number of car park entrances in an office complex, pressing the Enter button will open the barrier which the driver is at). The buttons will appear in the ParkCash app 15 minutes before the booking starts. 


Up until when can I cancel a reservation?


Please read the cancellation policy in the car park terms of use. 

What should I do if someone else is parked in my space?


Please contact the facility administrator or security team. 

I am unable to reserve a parking space. The “Reservations policy non-compliance” message appears in my app.


To solve this do not search for a car park by entering its address in the search field. Please reserve a space by selecting an appropriate address group. If only all-day reservations are available at your car park, then make sure to enter correct reservation start and end times (from 0:00 to 0:00). 

I would like to share my parking space in an office building..


Prosimy zapoznać się z instrukcją.

Account registration

I did not receive an activation link.


An email with an activation link should have been sent automatically. If you haven’t received it, the activation link can be re-sent from the user profile section of the ParkCash app. If you are unable to log in to the application, please use the password reminder tool. 

How do I reset my password?


Please follow the instructions on the ParkCash login screen or via the "Change password" option in your user profile.

Mobile app

How can I submit a complaint?


Complaints may be submitted using the ParkCash app (user profile section) or directly to the car park operator. 

Is the app available for HarmonyOS phones?


Currently the app is not available for HarmonyOS phones. 

Admin dashboard

How can I reserve a space for a guest?


Please proceed according to the instructions.

I want to activate/de-activate a parking space.


Please proceed according to the instructions

How can I add a user to a car park?


Prosimy postępować według instrukcji.

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